How to recover the damaged memory card[Retrieve professional data]

Open Windows Explorer, find the drive assigned to the SD card, right-click the SD card drive, then click to select the 'Tools' tab, and then click 'Check Now' in the 'Error Checking' section Button, to scan the SD card without making any changes to the SD card, please uncheck 'Automatically repair 1 16

5 14 to restore the card's data' 1 Stop using if not already available, please Immediately swipe it, if your camera displays a 'Card Error' message, 2 search for data recovery procedures, although your card may be used up, it is still possible that your data 3 download and install 3 30 by software It is fortunate to recover data from a damaged SD card. Using data recovery software to recover files from a damaged SD card, Disk Drill is a professional-level data recovery tool that can help you recover from many different data loss situations. 6 13 SD card repair: How to repair damaged SD card? How to recover deleted files from SD card! -How to recover files from formatted SD card ()-Duration: 6:03, Andrew Evans 1,015,022 views, when the SD card is damaged, the data saved in it may be lost, and you will not find it, but not used worry! You can still recover it using the FonePaw Data Recovery application. To view sd card not reading detailed information about data recovery on the SD card, you can go to the third part of this article and learn some tips to avoid the damage caused by the SD card Data loss, 3, Recuva Recuva is another free SD card recovery software, we tested each situation on the SD card, Recuva recovered 100% JPG images, this SD card recovery software recovered in our four tests Other file types work well,

1 16 3 30 Please follow the steps below to recover an unformatted damaged SD card: Connect the SD card to the computer where Disk Drill is installed, consider using it The software creates a byte-level backup of the card to protect the card from further damage during recovery, launch the application, and then select the SD card from the disk list,

If you want to find information about the damaged card For more information, how to restore, you can go to the page, the page about the memory card describes how to restore the damaged information

[Free genuine repair software]

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